Friday, February 21, 2014

53 Days Left And……Tires?

So the crud seems to be getting better however the aftermath of getting better is the antibiotics have destroyed any good germs I had left.  I am tired, run down.  My back and shoulders hurt in the morning when I get out of bed.  A headache arrives in the middle of the night and stays until I drop a couple of Tylenol during the getting ready process.  It hasn't come back today but I am sure I will get another visit tonight.  I have an urgent care follow up on Monday and I certainly hope I have the energy to get there.

While sitting around being sick I have been researching tires for the trailers.  Now there is a subject that can be down right overwhelming.  So I put it to my fellow RVer's and bloggers.  What success/failure have you had with trailer tires?  Any brands you deem better than others?

I look forward to you comments.

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