Sunday, December 8, 2013

What A Fun Week

I sometimes have trouble understanding our manufacturers point of view.  One of the companies we represent requires its dealers to certify employees through on line and instructor lead classes.  I have no issue with the certification requirements and I have been certified for as long as I can remember.  This year I was done with the required on line classes about half way thru the year and attempted to get a pass on the instructor led class since the only one left at the time was a trip to Ontario, California.  With my retirement next year I didn't see the point of our company paying the expense fly, board and feed me in Ontario land of warehouses.  In the final decision I was voted down and told I would need to attend.  Failure to be certified would effect the dealerships chances for bonus money and contest for the coming year so off to Ontario I went Tuesday - Thursday.  Turned out to be a good opportunity for me to say goodbye to the many folks I have come to know over the years that work for their organization.

When I got back I worked Friday and Saturday because we are short handed again and I really do enjoy working on Saturday, especially with the guys I worked with this weekend.  We work well together, compliment each other and enjoy bantering with our customers.  After work I came home and caved.

Mia and I got up early this morning and went to downtown Seattle for the annual Jingle Bell Run/Walk.  We had a special interest this year.  As I told you before our daughter (a long time couch potato) got up earlier this year and began to run.  A couple of months ago she announced she intended to run her first 5k today and our son told her he would run with her.  We arrived at the start time but we didn't see them because they had left before we got to the start gate.  I went up past the finish line to wait to see them come by.  My hands frozen (it was 18 degrees when it started) I stood waiting, camera in hand, taking photos of some of the costumes and managed to see my son in the sea of people and got his picture as he went by.  My grandson texted me that his mom was coming and while I was reading the text she came and went with no picture.  Kind of upset with myself for that one but it might not have been that great anyway.

Someone took this picture of them before they left for the run….very proud dad.
Came home and watched the Seahawks try to beat the 49er's.  So many penalties that it looked like flag football.  A lot of them cost the Seahawks dearly.

Working all week with the exception of Wednesday.  Looking forward to two a couple of long 10 hour days on Friday and Saturday due to being short handed.

Hope everyone is doing well because I am.

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  1. congrats to your son and daughter on completing the 5K.
    don't work too hard! too bad about the Seahawks!