Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year

As the old year leaves and the new one arrives I am looking forward instead of backward.  Back there is work and all the trials and tribulations that are attached to the daily grind.  Ahead is a life change to retirement and all the issues that go with not having a reason to get up and head off each day.

Travel will be a part of the new lifestyle and I was considering going to the local gun shop to purchase one of these.
But after research I have come to the conclusion that may not be such a good idea.  First of all, you need to be willing to shoot someone.  I am not so sure I am.  For that reason alone, this probably isn't a good solution for us.  They sell a product in Canada (and the U.S.) that I think would be more beneficial for us as we boondock our way across the country.

Apparently this stuff has a range of 30 feet.  I think this is the safer option.  At least I won't accidentally shoot my foot off.

I hope everyone has a great New Year.  We are certainly looking forward to ours.

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  1. Happy New Year and we look forward to your adventures in 2014!