Sunday, December 22, 2013

Continuing Stuff

After a short nap and a half of football along with a mushy Hallmark Christmas movie the crud still has a hold on me.  I think I might have the suspect.
Just before Thanksgiving last year in the throngs of moving our parts department and the mess that went with it I had an incident that caused me to visit the doctor and be diagnosed with anxiety and depression.  At that time I was given meds to help me deal with the pressure I was feeling.  That pill was Citalopram.  It is a good drug.  You still care but you don't get all wound up.  Thing is you're not supposed to quit it cold turkey as in when you run out and due to mail delivery and mistakes on the refill website you end up going without it.  I suspect that my not taking in steadily for the last two weeks may be causing my current issues.  At least I hope so.  I have an appointment with my doctor after the holidays so if not I'll bring it up during that visit.

At some point I need to ween myself off this stuff.  Maybe 114 days from now.

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