Sunday, December 1, 2013

Music And The Lives We Live

In 1989 a musician release his first album and became a huge success in country music.  I enjoyed his music from the start.  Garth Brooks became a huge entertainer that was able to sell out huge venues in a few minutes.  I had the opportunity to see him when he and his band came to Seattle once earlier in his career.  He put on an unbelievable show.  Moving across the stage as he belted out hit after hit.  Connecting with his fans and he told stories about his background.

He has been in Vegas for sometime now putting on a show, "Blame It On My Roots".  The other night he was on TV and he did a portion of the show.  I did not get to see it because I had something a little better.

My daughter purchased the box set at Walmart on Wednesday evening and sent me the DVD of the final show that he did at Wynns in Vegas.  I watch Garth Brooks run through the history of his music by telling us which musicians had influenced his music over the years.

When you think about the entertainers you enjoy perhaps you should look at their roots and see what crosses their path as well as yours.  Turns out I know exactly why I like this entertainer.  He was influenced by the very same artist that I have always enjoyed.

Funny now that I research some of my other favorites to find the same thread.


  1. we watched this on TV the other night..loved it!

  2. I love Garth Brooks and planned to watch the TV show. I remembered the next day - I missed it. I don't get a lot of TV channels sometimes, and I get out of the habit. Darn. I'll bet it was great! :)

  3. We watched and loved the show. We laughed and enjoyed the whole thing. I think I will look for the cds to share with some friends.