Saturday, December 28, 2013

Gone After 63 Years

Debuting in 1950 the Volkswagen Type 2 was called many things but none of them was fast.  The first of the mini vans had a 4 cylinder, 40hp air cooled engine attached directly to the four speed transaxle with rear wheel drive via solid axle shafts.  It wasn't fast but it was an icon throughout the 60's.  The first version of the Transporter was produced until 1967 and replaced with a bigger more modern version in 1968.  The second version ran until 1979 but was never as popular as the original.  The Type  2 was replaced with the Vanagon due to U.S. Safety Regulations in 1979 however the original was still built in Brazil.  The Vanagon was replaced by the Eurovan which ended production for the U.S. market in 2003.  Last Friday the last Type 2 rolled down the assembly line.
Sad day for VW enthusiasts.

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