Saturday, September 7, 2013

Fall Might Be Here

Wow did we every get hit with a nasty storm a couple of nights ago.  Heavy rains, lightning, thunder and I heard someone say we had dime sized hail somewhere around the area.  Can't remember every hearing any reference the size of the hail around here before.  We had a motorcycle rider struck by one of the 28,000 strikes in the state, a portion of a major highway suffer closure after a slide, a sink hole developed in one of our suburbs, Lewis County reported 4" of rain, sewers overflowed in Everett, there were flood watches on all rivers and Sea Tac International Airport reported 1.7" of rain in a 48 hour period.  We went from muggy, hot to cooler, wet inside of a few hours.  It is currently 62 degrees with no rain, very comfortable with a forecast of sun returning tomorrow.  September 22 is the official end of summer but I think fall is creeping in a little early.

Mia and I have visited the trailer the past two weekends.  Last weekend we took the grandkids up with us for the Labor Day weekend.  I had to work Saturday so Mia and the kids left Friday night and I joined them after work.  We had a lot of fun with them and our friends.  It was the first time I can say that the two kids got along with each other for the entire weekend.  It was very refreshing and different to see them interact without all the drama and nasty stuff that goes on sometimes.  I hope they can find a way to enjoy each others company the way or son and daughter have finally been able to find each other.

I fixed hamburgers on our little grille Saturday and did all of the breakfast preps while we where up there.  As I have said before, Mia and the kids are night people and I am a morning person so I would get up and make coffee and since every seating area was used up in the trailer and the weather was decent, I would go outside with my Kindle and read at the picnic table and enjoy the sunrise or take Honey for her morning walk while I waited for them to get up.
What of grilles do you use or prefer?  This one doesn't have much adjustment between very hot and very cool.
I have two Kindles.  This is the first one I got as a present from my kids and wife.  I use it a lot and really enjoy reading with it.  Without a backlight it is difficult to use in the dark but overall it has been great.  We got another Kindle not to long ago.  It is the HD color version with many more features that this one.  I like it as well, but I seldom get to use it since Mia enjoys using it to play games.  It has replaced our old HP laptop she used to use.

If you like breakfast I can fix it for you.  I love breakfast.  It is hard to ruin and everything tastes soooooo good.  Loved the strawberry waffles but sad that the whipped cream lost it body once the can was opened.  Still, it tasted pretty good.
Sunday I got out the ladder and climbed up to see what the roof looked like.  It was a nasty, blackish, grey with pine needles everywhere.  I had purchased the vent cover a few weeks ago, so I got a wild hair and decided to install it.  Once done, I took a little break and climbed back up with a can of Comet, my trusty hand scrub brush and the hose.  I cleaned to roof from one end to the other.  I was dripping with sweat when I finished but I was truly amazed with the difference once I was done.  Now I need to move the trailer to our winter home base and cover it until next spring when I take it in to get it gone through for our retirement trip.  Going to have all the systems gone through as well as replacing the tires that have been sitting for several years and have date stamps that will soon expire.

Work is moving along.  I have actually found some additional bodies to help so it looks like we will be moving forward.  220 days to go.

Hope everyone is have a great time.

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