Sunday, September 8, 2013

With A Little Help From My Friends

It is an early Sunday morning and I am up as usual watching the sunrise but there doesn't seem to be anything in the sky but light gray clouds.  I can see them really well because I washed all the outside windows on the condo yesterday.  That requires some effort especially on the second floor where you have to step out through the window and close it behind you.  If Mia wanted to leave me there she could just forget to reopen the window.

I asked yesterday about grilles.  Hidden in my ramblings was the question about which grilles you prefer.

When Mia and I started back camping we bought one of the grilles with legs that folded up when you stored it.  I didn't like the fact that it was constantly falling apart whenever you tried to move it.
So we got rid of it and found a small Coleman unit that was both portable and table top.  It has a grille and burner and it works fairly well except the controls for the gas are weird.  If you turn it down to far it  shuts off the gas supply before it gets to the off position.  We can't regulate the burner because it is either on full blast or down really low.  Nothing in between.  So we are now looking at getting rid of this.
Now we have a decision to make.  I have been reading reviews until my head is about to fall off so a little help from my friends (followers) would be greatly appreciated.  Which grille do you use?  Is it everything you want a grille to be?

Thanks in advance.


  1. I have the same question so I'll have to read along. Sorry, don't have a good answer as we also have not found the perfect grill. Hope you get some good advice here.

  2. We have a Weber Q & love it. I read a lot of blogs & folks mention that grill & everyone likes using it. We have a rolling cart for ours out on the deck & when we go camping we just remove the grill from the cart. We have it for several years & it's held up very well. Parts are easy to find if you need to replace something. Amazon probably has the best price. We consider this grill to be one of the best purchases we've ever made.

  3. we have a weber Q rolling cart though..we like it or rather my husband does since he is the one who does the barbequing!!