Saturday, September 28, 2013

Under 200 Days To Go

Time is getting short.  In 199 days I will drive onto this lot for the last time as an employee.  The next time I visit I will be just that, a visitor.  I may end up helping part time in some small way but it won't be as a manager and I won't be working my current 12 - 14 hour days.  In someways I am definitely looking forward to it and in others, not so much.  I truly enjoy my work, frustrating as it can be sometimes.  I haven't had any short timer feelings yet and I really don't expect too.  I have been working for so long that I will just keep doing what I do until the last hour.

Mia will be gone today so it will just be me and Honey on a rainy, fall Saturday.  I have a few things to do about the abode and then I will enjoy the Husky game this evening.  They are visiting the Wildcats in their first Pac12 game of the year in Arizona.  They are 3 - 0 so far this year and have come along way in the past couple of years with at new coach that seems to get it.  Sadly, one of the all time greatest Husky head coaches, Don James, is taking chemo treatments for pancreatic cancer.  Our current head coach, Steve Sarkisian, has dedicated his team to the ideals that coach James developed over his tenure as head coach.
James and Sark.
Of course everyone who enjoys football is wound up about the Seattle Seahawks and their prospects for having an exceptional season.  They head to Texas to take on the Texans tomorrow.  I am not a big professional football fan like a lot of folks I know.  I will watch but I don't get crazy.  My daughter is a rabid Seahawks fan (and WSU, but that is another story).  I thought she had just about everything a Seahawk fan could have and she comes up with this.
It is a cool, wet day outside.  As I sit here typing, I can hear the rain and wind outside ominous even it the darkness.  It sounds like fall is truly here and winter isn't too far away.

I see that many of you are on the road and having fun.  I can hardly wait.

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