Thursday, September 12, 2013

Blogging and other stuff

In the past the opinion page of the newspaper provided a place for folks to sound off about their concerns.  Someone would state an opinion and there would be letters to the editor from others who either agreed or disagreed with the original hypothesis.  I recall having seen several letters to the editor when a particular subject was brought up by one of the opinion writers that really got someone up on their soap box.

Blogging is a different world and yet a lot like the opinion page of the newspaper.  We have opinions or things that we are doing that we think others would enjoy.  (Facebook is just a quick one line version of Blogging)  I began to wonder what it is that makes another individual respond with a comment about something you have written and I really haven't come to any conclusion.

I have never had more that one or two responses to anything I have written.  I note that other bloggers have many responses to their comments regardless of what they say.  A couple of months ago, I did a blog titled, "Looking For Friendly Suggestions".  While 62 people read the blog only 2 responded.  A couple of days ago I wrote a blog titled, "With A Little Help From My Friends".  There were 28 folks that opened the blog, but only 2 responded.

As I look at my reading list I see that I am following more than one hundred blogs.  I try to read the posts every couple of days or so and comment when I see something of interest or I can help in someway.  If everyone is following as many blogs as I am, I can see why comments are very limited on any one blog.  Who would have time to follow all those blogs and comment on each one?

So how does a blogger get recognition?  For me, the number of people reading is far more important than the number commenting.  We are all busy, retired or not, and our time is very limited.  Commenting on everything you read would be nearly impossible.

It has been very hot here lately.  We hit 93 degrees yesterday afternoon at the peak of the heat.  The heat was the same in Dallas, Texas yesterday.  We beat the previous record of 87 degrees for September 11 back in 2009 and tied the all time record for summer heat set on June 30th.  I need to start looking for a place to sunbird much like the snowbirds.  I don't like this heat.

I am off today and of course the computer at work has decided to stop working.  I have had calls from several employees looking for answers and I am here at home in my underwear with no plans to go to work today.  I am usually the first one in the door and I have the access to fix things when the computer decides to shutdown.  Unfortunately I believe the issue this morning is merely an overheated circuit breaker but none of the folks who have been calling can locate it.  Of course the one day I decide to take off, something goes wrong.  I see this as a training opportunity because as my countdown indicates there is only 215 days left to use and abuse me.

I will be working this Saturday but I plan to join Mia at the trailer in the evening and make some final preparations to move it home for the winter.  Camping World is having a sale on covers for RV's so I need to measure up the trailer so I can get the correct size.  Last year I used the one we bought for our old trailer but we soon realized it was just a tad bit short as we pulled it over the rain gutters and it tore.  I fixed it with some duct tape and tossed it when I removed it this year.  ADCO makes some nice universal covers that fit very well and are a reasonable cost considering the protection they offer.

We have a few things to do before I get away from work.  Tires for the trailer and the truck.  I have to make an appointment with the dentist.  I hate dentist.  I suspect my mouth is full of problems.

We have a solution to the medical insurance issue.  Mia went to a seminar and it looks like we can continue our Group Health Insurance as a supplemental to Medicare for a reasonable amount.  I feared that the cost would be like Cobra which can be a small fortune for two people.  Small fortunes I do not have.

Hope everyone is doing well.


  1. the evolution of blogging is a process..Me? I have been blogging for five years now..and the audience has changes and evolves over time...
    When I first started I tried really hard to comment on the blogs that I read..trying hard to connect and get 'my name' out there in blogville..kind of like if 'you comment on mine' or visit my blogi I will visit yours scenario..
    it can be difficult to comment on all the posts..nearly impossible..there just isn't enough hours in the day do so that..
    keep on writing..if you are getting readers that is half the battle..the comments will come with time
    now have fun at the dentist..I don't like it either..for me it's the smell!!

  2. For me, commenting is like you said, an issue of not enough time. I read all my blogs yet only comment on each one only if I have plenty of time.