Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Day Off, Working From Home, Old Stuff, Syria

Since I have to work this coming Saturday I took my comp day today.  I got up early and read some of the blogs that I follow and had my morning coffee.  Honey got up and insisted on going out early and it is probably a good thing that I noticed the urgency.  Came home and had breakfast with Mia and took my bath while she took Honey out for her long morning walk.  I suspect they will be home anytime.

I took the day off but I brought home work.  Our key machine started to smoke last week and it looks like the toggle switch is worn out.  I disassembled it yesterday and brought the switch home with me and I will attempt to find a replacement later this morning.  As I have said I need more help (yes mental help would be good) and I have several applications but I just never seem to have the time to sit down and study them or make the calls for phone interviews.  We are in a bit of a rush at this point as we are going to be down four people very soon.  I need some support people and I have a ton of applications and should be able to fill those jobs easily.  I still need a counter person but finding one with experience in either manufacturer is difficult at best, so I am expanding my search to independent parts houses or folks working in other manufacturers dealers.

Mia and I spent an exceptional weekend at the trailer this past weekend.  It was quiet and peaceful and we just enjoyed the heck out of it.  We had gotten a notice from the park that we needed to clean up our wood pile or face a violation.  The park has pretty stringent rules regarding the look of the lots and what can and can't be on the lot, partially due to the County Conditional Use Permit that we operate under.  So we purchased a firewood holder and went up to clean up the mess.  I admit, it was a mess.  We cleaned up the area and when we were done there was a bunch of bark and small pieces of wood lying about so I started a fire and ended up filling my little fire pit with coals left over from burning everything I could.  We notified the office that we had cleaned so they can reinspect the lot.  Always feels good when the lot is cleaned up.

Since I have to work this Saturday I think Mia is planning on going up Friday afternoon or Saturday morning and I will join her Saturday evening.  I might stay until Tuesday and go to work from the park as opposed to driving home in traffic on Monday afternoon.

A fellow blogger posted this picture of a 1937 trailer complete with a fully dressed mannequin and made the comment that she appeared out of place, or something to that effect.  I love history and I have looked into the early days of camping.  The average family of a working class individual would have went camping in a tent and enjoyed the outdoors using the family car, if they had one.

The upper class individuals would have had it a little better.  I give you Henry Ford and Thomas Edison as examples of the upper class camping experience.  Note that the ladies and gentlemen shown in these pictures are dress much as they would be going to the store or office.  Just thought it was interesting.
Not the Ford/Edison trip but cute none the less

Unidentified lady, Mrs Ford, Mrs Edison

Enjoying the great outdoors

My last comment for the day.  Is it really necessary for the U.S. to continue to act as moral judge, jury and executioner?  Here we go again.


  1. I love pictures from early camping, thanks for sharing!

    As for the US being "moral judge, jury and executioner", for some reason the UN which is supposed to act when there is aggression on the planet has become corrupt. I don't know why we have to spend billions per year for countries to behave, we give this money away to places like Pakistan, N.Korea etc and they respond by either supporting terrorists or building atomic weapons.

    We end up being the worlds police department, I for one am sick of it. It isn't our job.

    We are hated for going in, we are hated for not going in. People in this country get the Government they deserve and brother have we gotten a dooser!

    I think it's high time we pull out the billions spent over-seas, throwing good money after bad and start shoring up our problems here at home. Those billions could be used to pay down debt, help our returning troops the Government refuses to take care of and it could go for many other things like lowering taxes.

    Sorry, got off on a rant...


  2. nice that you both enjoyed your time away at the trailer! hope this weekend is just as good, even if you have to work part of it!
    Soon your retirement time will be here!!