Sunday, September 29, 2013

Just A Little Upset And Fall Is Here

I know it is a little later than normal for my rant here in my blog but I have been fighting with myself over a decision whether or not to discuss the current political landscape or just be mad as hell and forget about disturbing others with my rantings.  The old saying about what we Americans don't talk about came up during my argument with myself.  "Don't talk about religion, politics or money".  This statement certainly applies to work, dinner and social outings but what about blogs?  The conservative side of me won and I won't get up and bounce up and down on my soap box over politics today.

On a less depressing issue the Washington State Huskies won their fourth straight football game last night in a 31 - 13 victory over the Arizona Wildcats at Husky stadium.  I know, I said yesterday they were in Arizona.  My bad.  Washington moved up one spot in the AP poll from 16 to 15.  This is the first time since 2001 that the Husky nation has seen a 4 - 0 start.  Next week will be very interesting as the Dawgs will take on Stanford who beat Washington State last night.

Yesterday was ugly in the Pacific Northwest.  Rain fell from buckets in the sky forcing most people to stay indoors.  The temperature was cool and there was some strong wind gusts.  I found the indoors to be very comforting and I basically laid low all day.

Obviously Fall has arrived as we witnessed yesterday but there are other signs as well.  This plant was totally green and the grass surrounding it was parched, brown and dormant last month.  So there are signs of life and death that come with Fall.
Other signs that Fall has arrived.  This a neighbors front years.  Fall is always harvest time.  Fall and Winter are my favorite times of the year.  I  viewed Fall and Winter in the small towns across the east part of the country through the eyes of art and photography.  I dream of viewing it in real life.
As you recall I purchased a Terry Redlin painting depicting the Fall harvest season.  I really enjoy it.
We went to Costco this morning because it is Fall and every year we get pumpkin pie from them.  We love their pumpkin pie.  It is the best we have ever found.

It is back to work tomorrow.  I'll be so busy that I won't worry about anything but work.

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  1. Big game for the Huskies next weekend....if they can beat Stanford...look out!

    I was sure I was going to see a great rant when I opened your post!