Sunday, September 15, 2013

I Am Up, I Think

I am sitting in front of the computer with my television on NBC for Sunday Night Football as the Seahawks play the 49ers.

Friday I had to work late so instead of going in early and missing traffic my commute ended up looking like everyone else's.

It has been a wonderful weekend even though I had to work on Saturday.  The good news is it was quiet and I was able to accomplish a lot.  I was way behind in my paperwork and I managed to get all of it caught up.  The office will not like me much tomorrow because I have a huge stack of work to turn in.  My new employee starts tomorrow but my most experienced guy is gone visiting family in Boston so the next couple of weeks should be very interesting.

Each month I generally look over the financial statement from the previous month to see how we compare with the same month last year as well as a year to date comparison for the past five years to see where we are compared to where we have been.  I don't know what happened.  Perhaps my subliminal mind wants to leave a month sooner, or make me think I wish to leave a month earlier.  I was comparing August.  I should be comparing it to August last year but I discovered this morning that I actually was comparing it with September.  That can make a really big difference in the performance standards.  I put them on the bosses desk and sent him a text to let him know they were there.  I asked him what he thought of last month because I found the month (YTD) to be kind of miserable when compared with last year.  I discovered my mistake when he text me this morning to see him on Monday.  Once I discovered it, I sent him a text and told him to toss the comparison and I would have new ones for him in the morning.  Leaving early would be fun, but I don't believe my making mistakes is going to help me exit faster unless he doesn't enjoy the pun.
Mia enjoys the conversation waiting for breakfast

After work Saturday I joined Mia and Honey at Gold Bar for the evening.  We are getting ready to wrap up another fun summer with the trailer.  I am hoping to get it washed next week and then move it back down to our house and wrap it up for the winter.  We worked around the trailer last night, had dinner and went to our friends and visited for awhile.  I came home a little early and took Honey for her last walk of the evening and we hit the sack early.  I picked up dinner and was supposed to get eggs for breakfast but I forgot them so Mia and we went to breakfast at the clubhouse this morning.  Then we went back to the trailer, took Honey for a walk and then made further preparations for winter.  We left and got home around noon.  Something new for us.  We usually linger and get home in the mid afternoon when we don't have the grandkids.

The weather has gone for pretty hot to overcast and now thunder, lightning and rain.  Not like some parts of the country yet, but wet none the less.  I would say fall is arriving.  This tree in our complex has been changing for a couple of weeks.

 I have discussed the park before but I just don't quite understand folks who spend tons of money on a trailer to put on a small piece of property that they don't own and then consider it valuable when they go to sell it.  Unless a lot has improvements it most likely isn't worth more that $2,000.  Add a shed, gazebo, fire pit, etc and you can increase the amount you ask.  If the lot has a trailer then the value obviously goes up and it can be considerable depending on the trailer.

But a lot of people think that with all the amenities and a 40' trailer equals a high value.  Big trailers are like automobiles.  They depreciate.  They don' appreciate.  But some folks apparently think they do..  There are a lot of lots for sale with trailers that are really over priced and sitting.  I did see one today that might be priced right.
It is a smaller lot, but has a 2000 Nomad on it that looks to be in pretty good shape.  Fully furnished and ready to go for 10k.  If I had the money I might buy this one and make it look like the 45 - 50k units others have for sale.

Lightning has put a stall in the game.  The officials have suspended the game until the weather clears some.

Hope everyone is having a good week.  Oh, my new license plate for the trailer, "RV We There Yet".

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