Saturday, May 4, 2013

New Weekend, Different Plan

The weekend was fast approaching when Mia and I decided that the weather was just going to be too nice for us to stay home so we are spending the weekend at the trailer in Gold Bar where the forecast is for low 80's today and tomorrow.   Of course it is too early for the pools to be open but we have a lot of stuff to do around the lot, take some walks around the park and Mia is thinking about hiking up to Wallace Falls.

I got a new demo from work last night.  Most of the time I am ultra conservative when it comes to cars. Four tires, an engine, transmission and point A to point B.  My last car was a very well equipped 2013 Subaru AWD Legacy.  It is a nice car.  Well appointed and delivers exactly what I wanted from point A to point B even in nasty weather.  I happened to say something to the General Manager about getting a Beetle Turbo for a demo but they apparently are harder to sell as a demo than what they actually gave me.  I have a black 2013 Volkswagen four door Golf, wait for it, GTI.  This car is not only fast but it is extremely fun to drive.

In my past there was time spent behind the wheel of a modified car.  I enjoyed some drag racing and really enjoyed timed rallies and autocross.  I had a few (very few) modified, fast cars.  My favorite was my 1967 Volkswagen Bug (my very first new car) modified to do autocross.  I had lots of fun with that car and met my wife while I had it.  This new GTI brings back some of the feelings that were attached to that car.  It could be trouble....


  1. It’s nice to know that you are very particular about cars, and I believe you also take care of them properly. Your 1967 Volkswagen Bug is my dream car to have now. I would restore that baby in a very elegant, classy and stylish fashion that would surely turn heads on the road. In my opinion, the tires take the most damage in everyday usage and should always be checked whenever possible.

    Rita McCall

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