Saturday, May 25, 2013

Memorial Day

Yet another beginning to the summer camping and recreation season has arrived and everyone and their brothers have hit the road for points east.  Some were leaving this morning.  I got up bright and early, actually it was dark, to go to work and finish up the weeks daily business.  My shipping and receiving clerk has been on vacation and I have been doing his and my job and I tend to get behind.  I pretty much caught up this morning.

I had an appointment at our Chevrolet garage in North Bend to get the oil changed in the truck and get it inspected for our trip the end of next month.  Everything looks good and I got new wiper blades just in case.

So I drove from Federal Way to Bellevue, then to North Bend and back to Federal Way and never passed a single person.  I got passed a lot.  I am thinking we are wasting tax money posting speed limit signs.

As you may have heard we lost a portion of the I 5 corridor just north of Mt Vernon.  71,000 vehicles per day must find an alternate route until further notice.  I do not envy those that live in that area for the next few months.  They will have grid lock that will make LA look like a race track.
And this morning I read that another bridge has collapsed in Missouri after two trains collided.  I am not sure it is safe to travel about the country anymore.

Memorial Day is Monday and I for one will reflect on those who have given so much to protect our freedoms.  Say what you will about the country, how it is run, and the politics.  We are free and we don't face having our hands chopped off or the loss of our heads for minor infractions of the slavery under which some multitudes live.

Have a wonderful weekend where ever you are....remember to remember


  1. Thanks for the kind reminder. Safe travels.

  2. We have much to be thankful for and Memorial Day is a great day to remember that. A quick thank you to all who serve or have served in the past.

    Ken, I wouldn't be too concerned about traveling the good old USA. According to Bridge Inventory (, in 2009 there were 597,961 bridges in the USA. Two recently failed when they were damaged by vehicles. I think that's a pretty good record overall. Although there are definitely problems with our infrastructure, we can still be assured that more is right than is wrong. Be encouraged and don't let random accidents stop you from enjoying every minute that God has given you!