Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday Morning Blues

I get up this morning with the intent of watching one of my favorite programs, Meet the Press, and what do I find...a race Formula 1 race from Monaco.  Dashed....I did not realize that I wouldn't get my Washington fix for the day.  Feeling kind of blue.

Last night my daughter called to tell me we are on the naughty list at our camping park in Gold Bar.  Apparently another member reported that they were cutting down trees with a chain saw.  I emailed the park this morning to try and find get the outcome of the investigation.  Somehow I think someone made a big mistake.

Mia and I are going to attend the movies today.  I wanted to watch two but she thinks she can't sit through two complete movies so we will see Iron Man 3 today and leave Star Trek for another day.  Before we go I need to walk Honey and clean up the kitchen.  While Mia did some cleaning yesterday we both just piled the dishes up in the kitchen and let them set.  We were watching the Longmire marathon yesterday afternoon as we had missed some of the episodes.  Neither one of us was able to stay awake to see the last episode.

It is a drab and dreary day outside.  I suspect that the Pacific Northwest will experience a fair amount of  our annual Memorial Day visitor.....RAIN.

Have a wonderful day.

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