Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I Must Be Getting Old

I thought I would be in trouble by now but it seems that even with a car that goes fast and corners really good I can't find any trouble.  And believe me, I have tried for the past two weeks.  There are specific routes that are being driven because of the type of roadway and or number of corners and I am having a great deal of fun.  Don't get me wrong.....I never exceed the speed limit....RIGHT....

I have the day off and decided to help Mia by cleaning up the kitchen which naturally turned into cleaning the outside grille on the patio just outside the kitchen window.  It was pretty greasy and nasty. I let it burn a while earlier this morning and just finished cleaning it.  I am thinking about getting a George Foreman Electric Grille but I feel like I would miss the smoking, barbecuing, and the ribs not to mention the brisket.

Mia and I will not be going back to the trailer until early June, so we will enjoy the Memorial Day Holiday at home while our daughter and her brood spend the weekend in Gold Bar.  It has become an annual thing for them and as I have said before we really don't like the three day weekends in the park when everyone and their brothers invade the park for all night parties and whatever else they can think of.  I am thinking a nice brisket on the newly cleaned grille and a couple of movies.  Iron Man Three and Star Trek Into the Darkness sound like some good entertainment.

Have to get back to work...I took a day off for this?

Have fun.

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