Sunday, August 21, 2011

Skykomish, Cars and Wood

Friday evening after a rather hectic and somewhat maddening week my grandson and I left and drove up to Gold Bar to our trailer in the woods. We had planned to stay and come back early Sunday morning as there is a picnic that I must attend with my wife in our condo complex. We enjoyed a peaceful Friday night, he with his friends in the park and me visiting friends and then reading a good book as I waited for him to return.

Saturday morning we left for Skykomish. A close personal friend is a wood turner and he was going to be demonstrating and selling his products at a car show. We drove up Highway 2 and about a mile past Skykomish. There were signs and two cute young ladies pointing the way to a long gravel driveway that wound down through the deep forest and came out into a large baseball field that was carved out of the trees. There were cars on the field and vendors along the tree line next to the kitchen facility with the river as a back drop.

Zach and I said hi to Fred and then went off to photo record some of the vehicles in the show. I'll post more about Fred later. Here are some of my favorite cars from the show.

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