Tuesday, August 9, 2011


We are at Gold Bar after 5 or 6 stops and 10 1/2 hours of travel. We have WiFi but can only get it outside (where the blood suckers are rampant) and it isn't any better than what we left behind in La Grande. The weather has changed significantly. From the 90's with clear sunny skies, to 65 with ugly gray skies.
Had a bunch of fun and learned a whole bunch about going out on the road. Mia never did drive. To many hills, up and down and wind gusts. Everytime I suggested it she looked at me like, "REALLY". So I drove back.
Pictures later this week or next.
Be safe....I want more sun..

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  1. welcome home!..me too..where has the summer gone?..or did it ever really arrive??