Wednesday, August 10, 2011


So I wake up this morning in Gold Bar with every intention of washing the trailer and my filthy truck and what do I find.....RAIN. As Sue said, where the hell is summer on the west side of the mountains.

Since I can't wash, I decided to sit down and put titles on all of the pictures that I took. Great, that took a couple of hours to complete. It included deleting some of the obvious errors in judgement with camera. I love to take pictures as Mia drives and a majority of those end up edited to the recycle bin however I do get some good shots along the way.

Tomorrow I must go back to work. I feel that the vacation has given me time to rejuvenate. Lord knows I was in need. There are issues that must be addressed once I get back and as I understand it the market has had some issues since I left. I try real hard not to watch, read or listen to anything relative to the economy or my job during my vacation. I did start reading this morning and one of the blogs I follow does not have an optimistic outlook for the automotive spare parts business. But I will read and research it more tomorrow.

Have to fix breakfast and get going. We need to get to our stick and mortar home and get ready for returning to our jobs tomorrow.

I will blog more about our trip and add pictures and links as soon as I find a good Internet connection. Speaking of Internet connections, what do you use for Internet connectivity and what is your analysis of your provider or equipment.

Be safe out there....


  1. We use wifi when it's available and we have a wifi extender to boost the signal when needed. When we can't get wifi, we use our Verizon cell phones to connect, either tethering or using pdanet.

    We didn't have rain down here in Vancouver today, in fact, we had one the nicest days we've had all summer. We're headed up your way tomorrow to visit our son in Bothell, and then on to Lynden for a wedding.

  2. Right before we started our year of adventure I got a mifi from Verizon and I have been very satisfied with it. I get 3G of usage for $35 a month on my bill and have never used it all with what I do on the puter. Came close once when we had to catch a couple of episodes of our "soap" that were beyond showings on DISH...