Monday, August 8, 2011

Les Schwab

In the Northwood Manufacturing plant parking lot sat my dirt covered, bug stained Silverado with what appeared to be a flat right rear tire. To say I wasn’t impressed would be an understatement, but there it was. Having never changed a tire on this truck I turned to the trusty manual but eventually called my contact at our Chevrolet dealer for assistance. After a certain amount of struggle in pretty hot weather I completed the task. I was covered with dirt, dust, sweat and sunburn. The parking lot had to be 85 degrees and the pavement was much hotter. And me in shorts and a t-shirt. I washed up in Northwood’s restroom, said my goodbyes and head home to the trailer to rehydrate.

Once I had some liquid we went out seeking someone to repair our tire. I have worked with Les Schwab in the past as a part of my business so we found the local store and drove in. We went and found a waiting room full of people with all kinds of problems. Thinking it would take forever we settled in after giving all our info and the keys to the attendant.

Within 15 minutes I saw my truck pulled up to the front of the building as a young man went to work to resolve my issue. He took the tire to the shop, fixed it and brought it back. After jacking the truck up, he removed my spare, reinstalled my original tire including the hubcap, put the spare away and locked it and for good measure he picked up all the tools put them in the bag, put them and the jack back where they belong. Culprit….rock….Cost…..NOTHING. Say what? Someone from out of state with a truck that doesn’t have Les Schwab tires on it gets this kind of service. I am in awe of these guys.

If you can’t buy tires from me, but tires from these guys.

We plan to be up early tomorrow to begin our 349 mile trip back to Gold Bar, Washington. I am hoping we can pull it off in one day. This should be interesting. If I don’t post tomorrow it will be because we made it and don’t have wireless. If I post, we’ll be in a trailer park somewhere in route.

As stated before, all the pics will come when we get home. Be safe out there.


  1. good advertising for Les Schwab!..good for them and you!!

  2. We love Les Schwab! We just bought four new tires for our toad from the Portland store near the airport. We miss Les Schwab when we travel to other places where they don't have stores. Around here, though, they are in all the towns, even fairly small towns.