Saturday, August 6, 2011


It was 6:30 am Saturday morning and it was really hard to blog with no wireless connection. We had a relatively uneventful night. We spent some time talking and listening to the owners of the park as well as other guests who seem to come from everywhere. The folks on one side of us are here from Utah with their kids. A retired couple on the other side of us have Texas plates and say they have been on the road fulltime for eight years. He is interested in setting up a blog so I told him to come over one night and I would show him how easy it is. Another couple is here with their grandchildren and live fairly close in Hermiston.

I have tried several times to log into the wireless connection provided by the park with no success. I suspect that I am too far from the originating spot of the signal. So I will do the next best thing. Create a word document with all the notes. Including the image numbers and when I am done, I’ll walk over by the office and sit down and down load the whole thing.

We planned to go back to Pendleton today. With no trailer, Mia will drive today and I, with camera in hand, will try to take some pictures of the area as we travel through. With her at the wheel the first course of action was to drive back over the passes that we came over yesterday. Our granddaughter and daughter in law have a mountain named after them that we never knew existed until yesterday when it sucked nearly all of the fuel out of my truck as we made our way over the long, steep grade.

I stated earlier, we were on the way to Pendleton and one of the primairy reasons was to visit the Pendleton Woolen Mill to see if I could find a nice shirt. Apparently they think they have nice shirts because they are too expensive for me. While I thought wool would be a good idea I came to the conclusion, maybe not. After trying on several shirts, I found wool to not be a comfortable item against my skin. It brought back visions of the days in the Navy under a wool blanket…Yeck.

We drove around Pendleton and you guess it…Mia found two Quilt Shops. Actually, one was a real fabric store with quilting among other things and the second one was quilting other peoples blankets and other items. Not a lot of fabric or anything else in the second store. But both seem to have purpose so if you’re ever in Pendleton drop by. I'll send the storefront pictures later.

They have big tile boots on the street just like the pigs in Pike Place Market another picture I will load when we get home. I might just edit these posts instead of starting new.

We left Pendleton and relived the harrowing experience back over the mountian to La Grande and lunch in our trailer. As I type this it is very warm outside. Somewhere in the mid 80’s but it is a dry heat with a minor breeze blowing so when you are shaded it isn’t too bad.

We went to the reopening, Grand Opening of the Hot Lakes Springs, bed-breakfest, museum, foundry, and just plain fun place. I’ll blog about and give you the history and pictures of this place after I get home and have a better wireless connection for loading pictures. Somehow I have to convince the wife that I need my own internet connection/hotspot. I finally went outside and got a connection and while I took over 150 pictures today, there is absolutely no way I am sitting here on battery power long enough to download them to the blog.

Tomorrow, the scenic bypass that should take us most of the day.


  1. Sounds like you guys are having fun!

  2. I vote for your own internet connection too..same problem this weekend for me...but we had to tough it out with the campground wifi!!