Thursday, August 4, 2011

First Day Out and Donut

We finally got packed and made a couple of stops on the road out of town but we were still able to get on the road by 10:30 am. As stated before, Voodoo Donuts was the first stop. Unfortunately we couldn't go to the original store downtown due to the 26' trailer we were towing behind us. This picture shows you the exterior of the hole in the wall donut shop that has become very popular. We purchased fritters, maple bars with bacon and the voodoo doll with the pretzel stuck in his chest. We devoured the voodoo doll in the truck while still sitting in the parking lot. We have saved the rest for later.

We ended up at the location on Sandy Blvd above downtown. They sell a coffin of donuts for $100.00. If I thought I could eat all of them before they got stale I would have bought one. Guess I could have a party if I wasn't on the road.

Mia is very intently attempting to pick out her choice of donut.

I had never heard of or seen a donut truck. Painted the same color as the building on Sandy Blvd. I am wondering if I could get delivery to Eastgate.

Anyway we left Voodoo donuts behind and hit the favorites on our GPS hoping to find Troutdale the Gateway to the Gorge. She kept trying to take us back to Voodoo. She insisted. I tried many times to re-enter but it would not allow me to go. She had to be shut down and restarted and then, after deleting the Voodoo location, we were able to continue to Sandy Riverfront RV Resort. This is a very nice little park located on the Sandy River just out of Troutdale.

So here we are at the RV park enjoying some relatively nice breezes across very hot pavement. We have a nice grassy spot outside with a table and we are set up for the night. Tomorrow we pull up stakes and head for La Grande.
Hope you all had a grand day. Be safe.


  1. have a great night! and a safe travel day tomorrow!!!

  2. Well you see what happens to the GPS when you buy a VOODOO donut!! This Oregon resident has never had a Voodoo donut but my grand daughter insists that a bacon covered maple bar is delish. Going to have to try but I think I'll leave my GPS at home LOL!