Sunday, August 14, 2011

Previous Pictures

I tried to add tags to each photo in the previous post but none of them appeared to move from Picasa to the Blog. So I am still learning. Basically you see a lot full of units that are sold followed by a building that doesn't exactly say, "trailer manufacturer". Then you see the frame, they build their own. Inside for the first time we see the floor being built and installed on the frame. Then we move to the cabinet shop where they build all their own cabinets out of real wood. The next shot is a unit in progress with cabinets and some appliances installed. Electrical and plumbing are installed at this stage. On the larger trailers/fifth wheeler the walls are installed and you can see through the roof at this point. After the insulation is installed the roof is added and it begins to look done.
At another area are the wood framed units. Built the same until up to the walls. They have their own mill shop and each wall is built with in the factory. Once the wall is built and installed the wiring and plumbing are done just like with the bigger units. Then the roof and insulation. These trailers get the laminate side which is put on the trailer in one big chunk. Then a gentleman who is a master with a router cuts all the openings in the side before they staple the whole thing to the frame work.
The trailer then goes to the area to get all the trim, lights, chalking and details. All the time the work is being inspected and rejected as required by some pretty tough inspectors.
Hope you enjoyed the trip.

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  1. You can get a plug-in for Blogger that will access your Picasa account so that you can select the photo you want inserted into your blog. You can opt to have the blog photo be a clickable link to take the reader to the entire Picasa album also. I do this all the time with my blog.