Sunday, February 27, 2011

If Only We Had The Balls.............

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In the past two or three days, both my wife and I have made the statement, "If only we had the balls". I currently have two years before I can retire with my full social security while she has another four years to go before she is eligible to get full benefits. Both of us would like to travel and I can see how I could put the two years between my retirement and hers to good use, getting the trailer (if we keep this trailer) outfitted, planning in detail the trips and any other things that need to get done before we leave.

Then we both said, "If only we had the balls". To sell everything and go full timing. There are security issues (we feel better having a place to come to) and we wonder what will happen when we are too old to drive or if we end up with a medical issue. Both of us have longevity in our families so we could conceivable live a good long time.

So I am curious...those of you who are full timing. What is your plan down the road? Did you consider the future when you left? We would greatly appreciate hearing your comments with regard to overcoming the obstacles that we seem to place in our way.


  1. we, too are just waiting for the earliest time that I can retire..that is our magic date of 2014..this plan is written in 'jello' though..we have a first step plan..we know we will have to work part time to make this plan work $$wise..I am very fortunate to have a full pension at 55 but my husband is not so lucky...hence the working/rving plan...we wish you is a long road but we will get there eventually...there are 'naysayers' out there..but you know 'dreams never die, just the dreamer'

  2. We sold our home, but only because we didn’t want to live in that specific area (cold temps) any longer. If you ask us today our plans will be too full-time for a few more years, and then purchase a home. We look at various communities and housing develops when we are in an area to see if this maybe the place we would like to settle down again. We have only been full-timing a little over a year and have so much more to see, so we are not ready to settle down yet. We definitely considered this prior to selling our house and leaving. We discussed our exit plan and feel it is VERY important for everyone to think about it before going on the road. You should also remember what is good for me, may not be the same result for you. I think each couple should feel comfortable with whatever decision they make and not let others influence them. If you want to keep your house and travel in your RV 3 or 6 months out of the year I see nothing wrong with that. The main thing is that YOU are happy with your decision.

  3. I lost my husband to cancer when I was 58. My current husband lost his wife to a brain tumor when he was 58. We both know that life is too short and we can't count on tomorrow so we enjoy today.

    That said, once we settled on a retirement state (TN for us due to the moderate climate), we managed to find a nice piece of land that will eventually have a pole barn and a cabin for our final days (when we can't RV any longer). In the meantime, we are setting up an RV site on it and will use the time in the spring and fall to take a little time off the road and sit back and relax.

    We have a blog where we are tracking what we are doing....Fire Lily Base Camp (link in my profile).

  4. I agree with Donna - life is too short. Only one of us retired with a pension, mine would have been a pittance anyway. The house is rented, good renters, and we have an rv lot at another location. Go while you can. My parents are the ones who encouraged us, regretting that they never did.