Friday, March 11, 2011

I've Been Doing This For Years

So, I have to apologize for not blogging recently. So much has happened that I am having a hard time keeping up.

An ex co-worker of my has come down with a terrible case of cancer. He has six to nine months to live and has decided not to seek any medical assistance. Worse, he has decided he doesn't want to see anyone but close family. I am not family. I did manage to get an email to his companion and she told me she read it to him and he smiled. At least I was able to tell him how much he effected my life.

All my life I have worked long hours and thought that was the thing to do. I am slowly coming to tne conclusion that this is not a bright idea. In fact, if I keep up my schedule I might not live to take my trip. I am so tired tonight and I have to go to work tomorrow...

I can hardly wait for retirement. My prayers are with my co worker, family and those poor unfortunate folks in Japan...

Be safe out there......

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  1. so sorry to hear about your co-worker..hang in there...your retirement time will be here before you know it!..we, too are counting down the days, day at time!