Saturday, February 19, 2011

While We Wait

While the wife and I wait out the next two to four years we have found a place within an hour and a half drive from our home that gives us a great feeling being away and camping. It is called Gold Bar Nature Trails and no, it has nothing to do with nudists.

We found it seveal years ago and it is a private campground that is for the use of its paid members. While the politics can get into the way sometimes, we mostly enjoy the experience of parking our trailer on our lot and living the dream. We can take our trailer up in the early spring and leave it there all summer or winterize it and leave it there all year round.

There are many ammenities that go with the campground membership including two pools, play areas, clubhouse, security, and a vast network of private roads to walk or bike.

See the Gold Bar Tour Photos under the Photos Tab. The membership sales tab lists those for sale by the park, others are available on craigs list. You can see photos of the lot by clicking on the lot/site number.

We love it....until we can really get on the road.


  1. nice to have somewhere to go to pretend!..good for you guys!!!

  2. We own a lot in a private Lake comunnity with a campground but as you say the politics can get hot at times, like and other HOA where amatuers think they are smarter and run the show. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  3. Whatever it takes to enjoy this time and wait until the next stage. Ah - what could be nicer than a comfortable place to park the rig!