Sunday, February 6, 2011

Trail Sport TS24BH

A couple of years ago we decided to start looking at new travel trailers. At the time we knew that we would be taking a trip with it after our retirement. After looking at a lot of different trailers and floor plans we decided that we want something economical, light, without slide outs but with a queen size walk around bed. Since we have grand kids we also were considering a bunkhouse model.

At the time RVision was in bankruptcy and a small RV store in the local area had several of the TrailSport models from sale at bargain basement prices. We are meager and very conservative and while the units had no warranty due to the bankruptcy we decided to take a look at them.

We visited the RV store and found the TS24BH was exactly what we had in mind.

As you can see it is a small and compact trailer. The front bedroom with walk around queen size bed is wonderful compared to the gaucho couch we had in our very first RV many years ago.

We thought the smaller, lighter and more compact trailer made sense for us as we wanted ease of set up and the ability to go without much hassle. At the time no slide outs and less room made sense.

At first we towed this trailer with a Chevy Trail Blazer however we have since opted to purchase a new Chevy Silverado 2wheel drive, crew cab pickup. As I read the blogs about the full time and traveling life I am beginning to wonder if we might have erred in our decision. I see all these larger units with much more space and wonder if we would not have been better off to get something a little bigger. Then I think about the use and the economy of the whole plan and I decide I will live with what I have and make some modifications to the unit before we get ready to leave on our trips....

Hope I haven't bored you to death..
Be safe out there..

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  1. no blog is ever a bore...this lifestyle choice is all about the journey to getting out on the road!..we wish you luck with your dreams!..we are dreaming too..our journey is still in the very slow lane..actually we are riding on the shoulder at the moment!