Saturday, February 26, 2011

Not Getting Lost

My son gave me a really neat GPS by Garmin for Christmas this past year. While I shared that fact with the blog community I had never had the opportunity to test it, until yesterday.
As I stated yesterday, we were going to make a trip up to see my stepmom in Mt Vernon, Washington, around 80 miles from our home. Since we would be driving through Seattle my wife wanted me to see if we could find a couple of addresses that she needs for future reference. I input the addresses in the Garmin and we set out on our trip. I found the Garmin to be very helpful, giving ample time to find and make the appropriate turns. We ended up finding both destinations with very little effort. In fact, the wife comment that with a GPS our brains may go soft from lack of use...very funny.

We arrived in sunny Mt. Vernon but there was 13" of snow on the ground. A very beautiful site as you can see from the pictures. My son and his wife were on their way to Canada and saw my post about going to Mt Vernon on Facebook. He called as we passed the Smokey Point Rest Area. Seems he was at the rest area as we drove by. He met us at my stepmoms and we had a wonderful visit.
Hope this finds you well and happy....
Be careful out there...


  1. nice show shots today!..glad you like your garmin..we have a nav system too..her name is Lola..and she can be really annoying sometimes!!..have fun in Mount Vernon!

  2. that should say snow shots!!..geez can't type either!! or spell!

  3. Nice pics of the snow - sure is a lot of it up there. You'll love the GPS for traveling too.