Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday

Yesterday an electrician came to our condo and installed a really nice wall heater in our kitchen sitting area. It wasn't easy.

As preparation for installing a wall unit in our kitchen seating area we had to remove a baseboard heater. After doing that we decided to install a wall heater to allow us to have heat. Unfortunately the wiring for the baseboard heater would not stretch to the new location of the wall heater. Now, I could have put in a junction box but I wanted to move an outlet that was going to be behind one of the upright units. After looking at the situation our electrician decided that we should leave the outlet where it was and install a junction box as a part of that outlet to add a length of wire to the new heater.

She installed a new box that had an open junction area. It was inserted in behind the wallboard. When she opened the outlet, it became apparent why she didn't wish to move it. It was a spaghetti nightmare, obviously the joining place for several circuits. She wired everything together and ran the extension wire around the studs in wall. She was working on a wall that is actually a dual wall between two condo units and there is a slight gap between the two walls. Rather than drill holes in the studs, she worked the wire through the gap and into the box housing the heater element and fan unit. I merely have to fill a hole and move the bookcases into place.

And once again, Ken learned why it is good to pay a professional to do a professional installation...

So as I sit here this morning, the country spare ribs that I tenderly rubbed with a sweet dry rub this morning are in the crock pot at 200 degrees for a long day of slow cooking. Add some baked beans and potato salad and I will be ready for the big game this afternoon. I have a feeling the commercials may be better than the game.

Be safe out there....

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