Monday, January 10, 2011

Welcome to new followers, Erik, Beth, Gail and Mactrailer.

It was back to work after a difficult weekend. This whole mess in Arizona is just beyond comprehension. What did this lady do to deserve being shot in the head? She voluntarily ran for office with the hope of bringing some change. The same thing that the mayor of Santiago in Mexico was trying to do and now he is dead. I can't believe that people can't agree to disagree.

I Google removing an RV Dinette and found several articles on the subject. It looks like it might not too hard to take it out and replace it with a free standing table and chairs. I plan to investigate further.

It is cold in Seattle and the weather professionals are predicting snow tomorrow. They aren't very good at predicting weather here in Seattle but I would like to see some.

Be safe out there.......

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  1. Arizona? I agree completely with your thoughts, it's just mindbogglingly sad to see.