Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow, what snow?

Although it might still arrive the weather people have once again missed the start time by several hours. According to weather alerts we were to have snow by 4:00 pm here in the Puget Sound region. While it is snowing or has snowed in every state in the union today except for one (Florida) it has yet to snow on Puget Sound. I really wanted snow....wait...maybe it is just late..

Welcome to my new followers,Rick & Paulette and Mike McFall.

So I have started to think about digging out all the 2010 state visitor brochures that I ordered. They are in a huge box under the table next to the couch. The more I think about this trip the more I believe I need to divide it up into small chunks so I can enjoy it more. So I think the first leg will be to get to South Dakota to visit family and tour their state. Instead of turning east, I think I'll turn west and visit in depth, all the states I blew thru on the way to SD.

Then we'll plan another trip to take us south and to the Alantic in Georgia. And another to take us up into the northeast. I am hoping gas doesn't inflate too much or I might have to work my way across the country.

Be safe out there.


  1. Ours was about 6 hours late here in MO. 4 inhs , just enough to get the plow out.Maybe you guys will be lucky and have rain. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  2. You should know by now, storms the weather forecasters predict never are good ones. It's the ones they don't predict that catch us off guard that are awesome. Just be happy you weren't stuck in the car for four hours again.

  3. Sounds like you have a plan. Thanks for follow us also.