Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunday morning

It is early Sunday morning and the Seattle area weather is clear and very, very cold for this region. Seattle is showing twenty-seven degrees this morning when we should be in the 40's.

I decided to put up a picture of our trailer. This is the unit we intend to use for our retirement trip. It is small, compact and doesn't have any slide outs. We have a queen front bed with a rear bath, two bunkbeds (storage area during travels), a nice kitchen and the normal built in dinette that neither of us likes. Oh well, it was what we could afford at the time.

I found out that I have one follower on my new blog. I am excited. I have been reading other blogs and travel journals this morning. One thing I have noticed; most people go all in when they decide to go on a trip after retirement. There are very few articles about those who just want to take one long loop of a trip across the United States.

While it is four years away, I believe the planning should start now.
I hope to remember to keep updating the blog.

This Christmas my son got me a Garmin portable GPS. (I think he wants to make sure the old man doesn’t get lost on the retirement trip). So I experimented with it and order a couple of accessories that didn’t come in the box. It appears to be very easy to program and works very well, giving plenty of notice prior to arriving at any turns or destinations. When deviating from the scheduled route it continues to attempt to get you to take a u-turn to get back on track. “She” repeats herself over and over but doesn’t get nasty or make derogatory remarks. I was hoping for a more forceful GPS. Anyway, I plan to use it and get used to it before we take off on the first leg of our trip. It seems so far out in the future but then if I look back in the past it has taken a long time to get here.

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  1. A lot of rv'ers take out the dinette, if you google "Rv desk" or "rv dinette" you will find links to conversions. Many are made in to desks or some just put in a recliner or similar chair.