Sunday, January 16, 2011


So I decided to sit on my backside today and I am doing a really good job of it. As a matter of fact, you might say I am a professional. I have pretty much wasted this four day weekend away. I do plan to get a few things done around the condo tomorrow while Mia is at work.

Spent some time working on a trip to Montana. It is just a possibility.

I watch on quarter of the Seahawk game and came to the conclusion that the wrong team went to Chicago. Too bad, no Super Bowl rematch with Pittsburgh. Right now I am watching the Jets/Patriots and wondering who will win here.

In the slow cooker with about two more hours to cook is a nice little pork roast. We'll be shredding it, adding sauce, coleslaw and a nice dinner roll...perfection on another windy, rainy day in the Seattle area.

Welcome to John, Sandy, John and Bridget.

Be safe out there.

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  1. What time should I be there for dinner?