Monday, January 3, 2011


Besides my kids, Jeffrey and Katie, the blog now has four followers. Welcome to Kenny and Angela, Donna, Sam & Donna, Randy & Pam.
I picked up two books at the library yesterday. RV Vacations for Dummies is packed full of information however some things are touched very lightly. There seems to be a need for more information. RV Retirement by Jane Kenny is another book that lacks depth. It touches on many subjects by doesn't go in detail on any of them.
I was thinking today that there are a couple of things that I must do or get over the next few years. A lockable cover for the bed of the truck is going to be a must. I need to make some alterations to the trailer to ensure space for everything. I need to get an electric tongue jack...I'm too old to be winding the tongue up and down in the rain or heat.
So much to think about and do. I have been reading other blogs and it seems that every time I do I discover something new that I haven't thought about..

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  1. We have a fold- a - cover on our truck, it's lockable, hard, and folds out of the way if you tow a fiver.Google it and take a look.Hope that helps, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.