Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Traveling with Pets

There are several reasons to travel with a pet.  Without getting all gooey some have to do with just liking your pet.  I can't see us boarding Honey while we take off across the country.  It was much easier when we had the trailer but traveling with your pet can be just as much fun without the RV.

We have found that most motel/hotel chains offer pet friendly environments.  There is usually an additional cost involve through a pet fee but it generally is no more than ten dollars a night.  I don't believe it takes anymore to clean a pet room but who knows, there maybe extenuating circumstances that we don't experience with our dog.

One thing that does bother me is those folks who bring their pet with them and don't properly take care of them.  This morning, during our potty walk to the park, Honey and I found a pile of freshly created potty right in the middle of a downtown New Orleans sidewalk.  Somewhere in the vicinity, in a hotel is an owner who doesn't pick up after their dog...ever.

Last night as Mia and I were trying to go to sleep a dog in a room down the hall was barking and crying.  The poor thing had been making noise all day but not to the extent it was at 9:00 pm last night.  I tried to be patient.   But I could not understand why anyone would bring their dog on a trip and leave it in a room all day by itself.  I called the front desk who apparently already had other complaints and was told to owner was moments away.  The dog quieted down a short time later.  What kind of dog owner does that?  I can't even stomach the thought of boarding Honey.

So many dog owners just don't seem to care.
How can you not love that face?

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