Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Last Day in NOLA

Today is our last day in New Orleans.  We went down to the French Quarter again and this time we went to the place our son had suggested we go to get our French Donut on.

Apparently the Beignets made at the Cafe Du Monde are done differently than those made at the New Orleans Best Beignets and Coffee Cafe.  The Cafe Du Monde donut seemed to be more like an old fashion donut while the ones we had yesterday were more like my mother's donut bars that she used to cover with maple frosting.  The New Orleans Best Beignets and Coffee was lighter and much more airy, almost like a cream puff shell but with a donut like taste.  Today's beignets were full and heavier.
Both are very, very good.

We walked all over the market and found out that dogs are no longer allowed within the confines of the shopping area.  According to a really nice vendor lady who gave Honey a treat and found her some water, a customer came in the market a couple of years ago with a pit bull that bit another unsuspecting customer.  The bitten customer sued the market and there were no more dogs allowed in the market after that.

We took more pictures and sat in the morning heat, people and bird watching.

Then it was time for another meal.  We were told we couldn't come back to Seattle if we didn't have a Muffaletta.  Not sure what it was, we asked the lady who helped us with Honey at the market.  She said it is a wonderful sandwich full of all kinds of goodies and best served warm.  She pointed us to a cafe that would allow Honey to sit with us and we had our Muffaletta to the music of a blues quartet in a cafe full of very nice people.  Guess we can go home now.

And we found Bubba Gump's place.

We went back to the hotel to rest and then struck out again to walk down to the Garden District.  We walked several blocks towards the district and got close when Honey came up lame.  She wasn't stepping down on her right front leg.  Holding it up and hopping around.  We picked her up and tried to see what was going on but couldn't see anything so we decided to turn around and head back.  We got the a Confederate War Museum and set her down and she seemed to favor it still, but she was willing to walk.  We got back to the hotel at her speed and she seems to be fine at this point.  Of course, I took more pictures.

Hope all is well and thanks for dropping by.

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