Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Heading Further South

I wish I could say that I feel wonderful but I would be lying.  I still have that awful feeling when I eat that everything is about to return using the same route that I just used to input it.  Tums isn't helping much.  It does seem to subside after a couple of hours of terror while I wait.  Meals are small in comparison to normal.

Last night we had dinner with our cousin's at the Jenkins Living Center here in Watertown, where my soon to be 95 year old cousin Vi resides.  The family visited and we had a nice dinner.  We got a lot of catching up but we missed one whole day with my illness.  All of these folks, except Vi, work and were very tired.  Here in the Midwest folks toil hard for what some would consider meager wages.  But they have family and they make it work.  One thing is painfully obvious, despite differences, family is first and foremost to the extent that a lot of local business do not remain open late nor will you find many of them open on Sunday.  Kind of surprising to one who is used to working in a profit driven society.

This is the house that the fellow in Dunn Center, North Dakota told us my great Aunt Fern lived in.  I have no proof that it is because no one in the family can put her in town at any time.  I discovered that I did make a mistake in my process of finding the old homestead that Clarence Pennock had.  I mistakenly thought that the sections given to the girls in 1914 were sections of his land.  I don't believe that is the case after further study.  I overlooked the township, range and section numbers on his original site, issued in 1890, which was located in Stark county, not Dunn county.  My bad, and I am a little too far south to go back for another look.  So, next year, when we head back to Wisconsin to find the Scarbourogh valley, we will take another look at the area around Stark and Dunn counties.

We are off to Omaha this morning.  A fairly short drive for us.  We are looking forward to visiting with my cousin Dorothy sometime late this week in Falcon, Missouri.

Hope all is well.

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