Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Theodore Roosevelt first arrived in the Dakota Territory in 1883 to hunt bison.  He came back to Dakota a year later after the devastating loss of his wife and mother on the same day, only hours apart.  Roosevelt lost himself in the vastness of the countryside and became a cattle rancher.  Though his ranch failed, he credited the Dakota experiences for his long time conservation efforts.

The park was established in 1947 nearly thirty years after his death to honor him and the area of the Badlands that he loved.  Divided into three seperate divisions the park covers a good portion of western North Dakota.  The North unit was too far away to for us to travel and the Elkhorn Ranch Unit is located between the North and South units.  We decided the South unit was close enough to spend a few hours wandering through a loop that the park ranger said would take an hour and a half if we didn't stop along the way.  Of course, you soon discover bison.  And if you have been around them, they go pretty much where they want, when they want.  Including just stopping in the middle of  street.

The painted hills where fantastic.

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