Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Along the Byways

While traveling through Montana and the short distance to Dickinson, North Dakota we had mass suicides on the front portion of our car.  Sadly, I didn't take a picture but I can tell you that we stopped at least three times for fuel and every time I found myself scrubbing the hell out of the windshield to get the bugs off.  After collecting more bugs and lots of dust and dirt from the roads around Dunn Center and Manning North Dakota, I was expecting to have to wash the car when we arrived in Watertown, South Dakota.

As we drove from Dunn Center to Watertown, we encountered some pretty heavy rains that, much to my surprise, washed the vast majority of the bugs and their left over carcasses off the front of my car. The bumper, grille and lights seemed to have magically cleaned themselves.  Yes, there are some remnants but the vast majority just disappeared.  It occurs to me that my using a Griot's carnauba based paste wax before we left may have made a significant difference.  Add a strong rain and presto.

We were in the middle of what looked like no where earlier today and found a place for lunch a little off the beaten path.  At first I thought it was not a chain but after doing some research I find that Penny's Dinners are attached to the hotel chain, Oak Tree Inn.  But I really didn't care.  It was a fun place to visit and the food in this one was great.  Located off Highway 29 and Missouri Valley.  Great service, atmosphere and food.

As we have driven across the Midwest we have discovered another issue that kind of has us wondering.  There are bill boards advertising Adult Superstores.  Usually with Kandi, Annabelle or Olivia as the lead name these buildings are very non-descript and usually out in the middle of no where, on an exit that doesn't seem to have any other reason to exist.  Kind of makes you wonder what really goes on at here in the heartland.

We are spending the evening in Omaha and heading for Kansas City tomorrow.

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