Thursday, April 20, 2017


The drive from New Orleans to Houston wasn't too bad.  Most of the drivers in both Lousiana and Texas ignor changes in speed, even in work zones.  The drive right up on your backside and flash their lights to get around you as you are legally passing a convey of trucks going under the speed limit.  Of course, the guy with the out of state license plate gets razzed the most.  The drive took several hours because we stopped along the way several times.  Mia and I have been sharing the driving more lately.  Works out really good.

As we left Lousiana and drove into Texas things got bigger.  The bugs that committed sucide on my car were even bigger.

Tomorrow we are boarding Honey for the day and going to the Space Museum and then a sit down dinner in a Texas BBQ.

Hope all is well.

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