Sunday, August 16, 2015

Upcoming Trip and Knee Update

It cooled off a lot here on the west side of the mountains in the Pacific Northwest.  Record rainfall hit us on Friday and we had some minor showers yesterday on a day that looked more like fall weather than hot August weather.  The weather is about to change again back to the warmer weather although it appears not nearly as warm as just last month. 

Unfortunately the rains here on the west side did nothing for the eastern portion of the state but create more problems.  Thunderstorms raged across the eastern half of the state on their way up into Canada sparking at least one new fire to join the other massive fires still burning.  The area around Lake Chelan is ablaze with portions of the town and cabins outside town burning.

We are scheduled to leave Tuesday for our little trip up the scenic route to Crawford’s Bay, B.C. and back via Spokane.  I have already made reservations in Colville for the first night on the way up but at least one of the shortest approach highways is closed and I am not certain what the condition of the other approach will be by the time we get there.  The last approach (number 3) is the longest route requiring us to drive to Spokane and turn northwest to get to Colville.  Guess I’ll just have to wait until Tuesday to see what route I will be required to take.  The overall trip isn’t that long so if we need to drive a little extra distance the first day it should be no big deal.

I went to my doctor for a follow up visit regarding my knee injury.  As I suspected, I need continued rest, ice and I got some pain medication and something to help me sleep.  If there isn't significant change for the better in two weeks I need to return for film (X-rays) and maybe and MRI.  Since I went home for the appointment Friday morning, I took our laundry with me and spent the rest of the day at the condo.  I went to bed after taking my new found medication and slept fairly well.   I awoke around five in the morning and went to get out of bed.  What happened next I don’t really remember except I found myself with my knee on fire and rolling in pain as I grabbed the mattress and a hand full of covers trying to keep from yelling.  I fought the urge to cry as my eyes filled with tears.  I don’t know how but I managed to stretch the MCL again and I had flash backs of laying on the trail in the woods wondering what happened.

I managed to drag myself up and get into the shower and get ready to head back up to Gold Bar.  I wanted to arrive in time for their Saturday morning breakfast.  I can’t thing of anywhere else that I can get the breakfast they serve for $5.00 plus a $1.00 tip.  I had Belgian waffles, fruit topping, scrambled eggs, bacon and coffee and the serving sizes are just as big as you would find in a café.  I made it and had a wonderful time with some of the other members in the park.  I just returned to the trailer from the Sunday morning version of the same thing.  This morning was a German sausage scramble with country potatoes, toast and coffee.  Weekends at the park start out just the way I like and there aren’t any dishes to do.

Hope all is well and thanks for dropping by.

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  1. It’s too bad that the pain meds aren’t always enough to keep those knee pains at bay. That is a major cause of concern, but hopefully you and your doctor can work through any issue it may have. At least you are keeping up your visits and are being very vigilant about it. Take care!

    Agnes Lawson @ Pain Relief Experts