Friday, August 7, 2015

Quiet Few Days At Home

With the exception of a doctor visit yesterday, I have had a relatively quiet time at home.  Mostly reading and sitting with my leg up and ice on the knee.  Tylenol works on the pain but doesn't help the inflammation.  The visit to the doctor yesterday was kind of a waste of time so I am going to have to return next Friday for another followup.  Apparently I decided to followup too soon and there is still too much swelling and liquid on the knee to make a definitive proclamation regarding any further damage past the minor collateral ligament pull/strain.  So I am kind of stuck doing very little and while the condition and pain seem to be quelling I want to make sure I don't do anything stupid like twisting it again before it has a chance to heal.  The knee immobilizer is the pits but it works and I use it anytime I'll be up on my leg.

This morning I spent a short period of time in the basement cutting out the necessary materials to finish putting the shelving system in the closet in the bathroom at the trailer.  Hopefully I can get this done over the next week before we leave for our trip up into Canada.  We aren't taking the trailer with us because we won't be spending too many days on the road.  We'll leave Gold Bar, spend the night in Colville and then move up to Crawford Bay, BC and then back to Spokane the following day and home on Friday the 21st so we can pack up the trailer and head home to be at the condo for the foreseeable future.  We currently have no further plans for travel but I suspect we will spend more time at the trailer before we have to winterize it and put it to sleep for the rough weather to come.

Hardly wait to get back out into nature

Hope all is well and thanks for dropping by.

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