Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Catch Up and Our Upcoming Political Choices

The last time we were here at the trailer our EZGO golf cart that we use to travel around the park started to give us a problem.  We were out riding around the park when the cart started to jerk every once in a while then it went completely dead.  No power for the electric motor or the lights.  I pushed it to the side of the road and visually inspected the batteries but didn’t see anything amiss.  When I turned the key and hit the accelerator we were off again and made all the way back to the trailer.

I thought perhaps low power in the battery pack so I plugged the charger in.  It didn’t recognize the batteries and wouldn’t stay on.  I lifted the seat and once again inspected the batteries.  This time I grabbed each connecting cable and I found one that was loose.  As soon as I touched it the battery charger started up.  It has no doubt been loose for some time since it appears the nut is now welded to the battery post from the arching caused by being loose in the first place.  I had no way to repair it until yesterday. 

It was obvious that I wasn’t going to tighten or loosen the nut on the battery post.  While at home I came up with a shim to tighten the cable.  Using an automotive electrical connector I cut out a section to make it like a C so I could slide it under the nut.  I cut the yellow crimp part off and ended up with four shims that I brought up with me this trip. 

Yesterday I install two of the shims and recharged the batteries and everything seems to be okay.

I spent far too much time on my feet yesterday without my knee immobilizer contraption so last night was a fairly sleepless night as there was no good place to put it.  The aching continued though the night.  Mia was up most of the night as well.  Guess she was having sympathy pains.  She hasn’t been sleeping well at night lately anyway.  Honey sleeps through everything.

Going to take it easy today and hopefully have a better outcome tonight.  Taking it easy here at the trailer means a lot of reading and I find myself nodding off.   We don’t have very many TV channels and the ones we do have don’t give you much to watch.  So it can be boring trying to relax.

Last but not least.  You have to wonder what the leaders of other nations are thinking as they watch the run up to the election of our next President.  Neither party has a front-runner with ethics, integrity, common sense, ability to communicate, perseverance, someone who recognizes their shortcomings, and is a true servant.  I don’t see anyone who appears to see the big picture or be a visionary for the country. 

If the world wasn’t so damned global in nature we could bury our heads in the sand and erect fences around our borders as we have done in the past.  Think of all we could do with the monies that we could save and use for our own infrastructure, poor folks, elderly, education and a multitude of other issues we need to resolve right here at home.  Unfortunately, we must continue down the global path and protect our interests so we can continue to do business with the rest of the world, importing their products while exporting many of our products and services.

I only hope and pray we pick the right guy/gal and they have the fortitude to persevere in the face of the challenges that the future is bound to bring forth.

Hope all is well and thanks for stopping by.

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  1. You might want to check out BenCarson.com. While he is not #1 in the polls, he is tied for 3rd and has all the qualities you listed ethics, common sense, etc. He also has intelligence, something that is often in short supply in the political realm. You can also find his speeches on You Tube. A very different candidate.