Sunday, August 30, 2015

Big Storm

Mother Nature is rampaging through the great Northwest with heavy winds and huge amounts of steady rainfall.  August is early for a storm of this magnitude.  Our trees are suffering drought conditions and still have a majority of their leaves, leaving them vulnerable to wind gusts, and that is what happened all over the Puget Sound area.  Whole trees ripped up by the roots and dropped like nothing.  Two people are dead and hundreds of thousands are without power throughout the area.
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Local News Pic

Local News Pic

Local News Pic

The trace amounts of rain made it to eastern Washington but the strong winds that went with it did little to help the fire fighters get control over the wild fires.  The Okanogan complex fire is now over 300,000 acres burned and only 23% contained as of 6 pm Saturday evening.

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The good news, the Seahawks won their first preseason football game with a 60 yard field goal in the waning moments of the game.  The Mariners, who fired their General Manager on Friday, won a close game against the White Socks last night.

We are at the trailer today and I wish I had the bigger trailer to be in.  It is cramped inside the travel trailer and when you can’t go out without drowning it makes it a pretty rough day.  We haven’t popped for a dish for television so we have to depend on local air TV.  We normally have a few channels but when you add the wind and rain coupled with the clouds the air TV just doesn’t seem to do it.  We try to read but end up nodding off.

Our grandson, Zach, arrived around five last night and spent the night with us.  He hasn’t gotten up yet and I can’t say I blame him as the deluge continues to pound the area.  He wants to take a hike to Lake Serene just up Highway 2 but I am not certain if he will go or not.  Safety has always seemed to be his first concern so perhaps he’ll head home instead of going off into the woods.

Honey absolutely hates the rain and wants nothing to do with going out for walks.

Hope all is well and thanks for stopping by.

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