Thursday, September 6, 2012

Where's Ken.....?

I sat down at the computer today and opened my Google reader to see what had amassed since the last time I sat down and took time to read the blogs that I have so come to enjoy.  I have a 1000+ that are unread due to the fact that I have not sat down and read anything since August 26th, the day I posted a story about taking our grandson to Mt. St. Helens for his big assent.

I know I said it before but it bears repeating, we had a very good time with him and we are very proud of the accomplishment that he reached during our trip.  During that trip we happened upon the Cabala's store outside Olympia for some supplies we thought we might need.  It was Thursday and there were several ladies there sitting up older style trailers for what looked like a camp out.  Turns out they are a club of ladies who own older vintage trailers that are in various stages of refurbishment.  They travel around from Cabala's to Cabala's putting on shows.  The club is called, "Sisters on the Fly".  Their website is and they are a lot of fun.
Each trailer is a vintage trailer from  days gone bye and each one has a specific theme and is decorated to create some wonderful memories of the past.  The club was started by a couple of sisters who enjoyed fishing.  With each fishing trip the sisters invited more friends along and somewhere along the line, they decided to outfit some vintage trailers and haul them down the road on their trips.  Funny how things like this get started.  Anyway, they are a great bunch of ladies that allowed everyone the opportunity to crawl in and out of their tiny vintage trailers.  I took lots of pictures, see below, and Mia and I had some very nice conversations with these ladies.  Hope you enjoy some of the pictures.


  1. I love looking at old campers! Thanks for the pictures and I hope I run into that group somewhere sometime.

  2. love the photos of vintage trailers..we use to have a 1969 had a kingsize bed, stove, fridge, sink, a bunk and toilet..we loved it..and running water too..this was our design though..a blue jug on the roof that gravity fed into the knew you ran out of water when the jug fell off the roof..we had such fun!!

  3. I sure enjoyed those photos. We had an old camper when we were first married. the first time we used it the black tank became full and we were not prepared for it! Our solution is a story in itself!