Sunday, September 9, 2012

Happy Grandparents Day

For the last 16 years I have been a very happy grandparent.  I now have three grand children to feed sugar and send them back to their parents as a form of revenge....not really.  I haven't done that, yet.
I did purchase some noisy toys for the kids but they always find a way to leave them here instead of taking them home.  I would not trade a moment of the time I have with my grand kids.  I love each of them to the next universe and back.  Surprisingly I haven't manage to ruin any of them.

We have a bunch of projects around the condo that need to get done so it looks like next weekend might be our last trip to Gold Bar until next spring.  Hopefully the weather will hold and I can get the trailer cleaned, winterized and covered so we don't have to worry about it over the coming winter.  I think I will have Mia pick me up on Friday night with Zach and go up and show him what I need him to do.  I have to work Saturday so he can do the stuff I need done while I am gone.  I'll drive back up after work and we'll finish winterizing and covering the trailer on Sunday morning.  I really hate to close it up so early but other projects have taken a backseat lately and I really need to get on them.  Besides, it won't be long before work is telling me to move the parts department again.  Yipee...

Last night I walked out of our front door and found this:

Change is coming

We have a picnic here at the condo complex today.  Go figure that after nearly 50 days of dry, warm weather, what looks like fall would cover us today.  The temperature is down and while it isn't really cold, it isn't exactly nice weather for standing around outside.  It is supposed to go from 1 - 4.  We'll see how long it really lasts.

And tomorrow we are supposed to go to the Puyallup Fair with friends for the day and the prediction is for rain.


  1. a change in the weather is coming..that is for sure!..enjoy 'doing the 'puyallup'!!

  2. Thanks for mentioning Grandparents Day in your blog. That was my topic also.
    By the way, 933 days will go by in a flash. It did for us. Enjoy your grandkids.

  3. Great cloud picture. And I think being a grandparent is about the great thing on earth. Nothing like grandkids.