Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Lot To Do

There is a lot of work to do over the coming fall and winter months.  I am told it will be another four weeks before I must concern myself with moving the department and trying to get ready for an inventory early next year.

This evening I cleaned out my closet.  I took out stuff I hadn't worn in years.  I have lost a couple of inches around the waist so some of the pants were way too big.  I got two big black plastic bags full of clothes down in the basement for donation to someone.  I can't believe how much room is in the closet now.

I have to design a new gazebo for the lot at Gold Bar over this winter.  Since I already have a storage shed and the rules say you can have one storage shed, the next shed must have walls that are either open or closed and able to be opened.  Perhaps windows will do.  Not sure 100% on the rules as I am still reading them.  I have a couple of other projects to do for my grand daughter that will test my woodworking skills and then it is back to work on the condo.  Zach and I installed wood floors in the condo but I just never got around to the baseboards.  Guess what I will be doing...

I have tickets to a Husky game in October with my son and grandson.  Kind of a guys day out.  Have some dinner and spend the day in Seattle.

The weather has been beautiful.  So much so, that it is hard to believe that winter is but a few days away.

Hope everyone is enjoying themselves.

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  1. Saturday is first day of Fall already, I believe. How did that happen?