Sunday, September 23, 2012

919 or 44 Days Left

As Fall begins I notice I have 919 days to retirement and I was reminded by Meet the Press this morning that there are only 44 more days before the second Obama term begins.

I don't say that as a supporter, more a fact.  I really doubt the Romney is going to get elected.  Nothing personal, I'll might vote for him but he just doesn't strike me as someone who will do any better that the current administration and he makes too many mis-steps as a candidate.

The 919 days until retirement is much more important to me.  I look out over the horizon through may travel webpages as well as the many blogs of those that are actually out there traveling around the country and all I want to do is leave.  Hook up, turn out the lights and leave.

We have a coupon for Cabela's so we took off and drove down this morning.  We didn't buy anything, just looked.  They have so much stuff for the outdoors and clothes to go with it and I like most of the stuff they have but wonder, is it available, cheaper, somewhere else.

Sorry if I don't seem to be full of lots of energy.  I am not.  I woke up at 2:30 am this morning and couldn't sleep.  When I can't sleep, I get up.  I get up too early most days.  I feel like sleeping this afternoon...right through the Seahawk game.

WHL hockey has started again and the Thunderbirds went to Portland and beat the Winterhawks on their home ice on Friday evening.  The Winterhawks returned the favor last night by coming to Seattle and beating the Thunderbirds on our home ice.  This could be an interesting year.

Unfortunately the baseball season is nearly over.  For the Seattle Mariners there is no playoffs however for the first time that I can recall there is real promise for the future.  If management can keep and leave alone the players they currently have on the field they might have a chance to go somewhere next year.

Guess I had better take Honey for a walk before I can't.

Have a great time....

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  1. You have a bad aching to get on the road and travel, same as my husband and I. He's almost 58 and is counting the days till 62. Although the weeks fly by, the time until retirement seems to crawl.