Monday, September 17, 2012


Sadly this weekend was time to winterize and close our wonderful home in the woods for the season.  I had to work Saturday so Mia and Zach did the majority of the lot clean up and the cosmetic work on the trailer.  Zach washed it and got everything nice and clean and then helped Mia clean up the lot while I was at work on Saturday.  We all went up on Friday evening and I went to work from there and drove back up Saturday evening.  Sunday morning we finished the project by emptying all the cabinets of food, putting away all the blankets, packing the clothes, draining the hot water tank, installing antifreeze in the drains and lines and installing an Adco cover we got for the other trailer but had never used.

The cover is a fun project.  We measured to be sure it would fit but didn't take into consideration the little drain spouts that stick out of the ends of the rain gutters.  They were just big enough to give us issues (and holes) as we installed the cover.  Once it was down all the way it looked pretty good.  It did rip in the back when I pulled a little to tightly on the hold down strap.  I am thinking we might want to get one that is a little larger next year.  I'll patch the holes it this one and sell it cheap next year.  Someone in the park will grab it.

The search is on for a golf cart.  Don't want to spend a ton of money so it will be a project vehicle.  I have been looking at batteries for the golf carts and I thought deep cycle batteries for trailers were expensive.  Of course, you do have to buy 6 or 8 batteries depending on the golf cart you get.  I am sure I will find something.

Have a great week.


  1. the end of yet another summer is sad.. :(

  2. We put off closing the camper until we HAVE to...hate that moment. Like you, we clean it out real good, I use Murphy's Oil Soap on all the cabinets before closing it and when we open it in the spring (or if we go winter camping) it still has that clean fresh smell. Enjoy your winter and look forward to next spring camping.

  3. Glad you had some fun times this summer to tide you over the winter blahs. You'll be re-opening before you know it.

  4. I'm hoping to get in one or two more weekends camping before we close up. We'll see. It's so final when we do winterize, almost depressing.